Metanoia Noun \me-tǝ-ˡnoi-ǝ\ Greek Origin : a fundamental change of thinking;

Workplace Safety

“Transforming safety performance
through outstanding education and training”

Metanoia offer an efficient and effective alternative to traditional safety training.

We have a team of qualified educators who will work with you and our safety experts to develop a bespoke training couse that meets the specific needs of your workers. This ensures that the time that your workers are away from their core duties is used as efficiently as it can be.

  • Qualified educators (Degree or above)
  • Qualified Health and safety professionals (Tech IOSH or above)
  • Quality bespoke safety education and safety training development and delivery.

"The team at Metanoia developed some amazing training, that suited our specific needs and was delivered in a informative and entertaining manner, I would certainly recommend them"